So this to begin?
The first paragraph makes a claim, that Mastodon is "dying" then goes on to claim it's because *people don't talk about politics all the time* - never mind the fact that yeah, people totally do.

And while I can't speak for specific communities as a whole I don't see people more marginalized here, nor do I see complaints ignored.
I may not agree with every single implementation but I haven't seen people shut down for disagreement.
I can't really speak to specific critiques having not been on the fedi for long, but I feel a lot of this was just cherry-picking a few folks that had disagreements and complaints they felt that weren't acknowledged.
As for how welcoming it is?

The folks I've interacted with have been nothing *but* kind to me, friendly and in some cases quite patient about my goofy ass.
Maybe that's not the general experience. But I *like* what I can do here more than anywhere else - I *own *this space. It's mine. My own space connected to other people and I can do with it what I choose - so I made it for other people with similar proclivities (even if I don't discuss them very often at the moment) -but that's just it.

@elisabeth It is lovely to see you here. As it is to see you everywhere.

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