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@interneteh oh and when some shithead tells you "the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow all the time" just say "batteries, dingus." And if someone says the grid can't handle individual homes and communities becoming net generators of power rather than eaters, just say "then build a new grid. we've got money." We have everything we need except the power to make them do it.

@interneteh that's where the conversation usually stops. But the point is, all the technology we need to remake the whole power grid is there and has been there for decades. we just need to buy it and build it, and the thing most standing in the way is neoliberal politics and the way we think of the economy as if we can just run out of money (despite the fact we print money). That's basically it. We could have been at 100 percent solar, hydro, nuclear, wind and biomass back when the Super Nintendo came out if someone had just done it. There's no law of physics or finance stopping us. just the laws of politics, which as we've seen since 2016 bend and break just like any other laws.

something I don't talk about much on here is that aside from being a leftist I'm also pretty knowledgeable about electricity (power generation and transmission, nuclear power, electric cars, meters, etc) because of my job covering this sector for more than a decade.

I've had a lot of conversations with a lot of utility experts and tech experts. Many (depending on what they're selling or who pays them) agree on the need to remake how we make power, but the question always comes to "who pays for it"

It's Friday! It's payday!
It's "where-did-all-my-money-go-oh-right-rent-and-food-are-expensive" day.

well the kombucha is bottled, kitchen is mostly clean, food away, counters are OK.
Oooh, a new Kurzgesagt is out! I wonder what's the topic this time?
*watches* Oh.I think I'm done for the night.

General politics / a plea to the left, I guess? 

Google put hidden microphones in people's houses and when caught admitted they shouldn't have been so secretive about it. They claim innocent intentions and the mics were never on. Most people believe them. That's the difference between them and Facebook. If FB did this, folks would flip. Google has credibility, and it's worth asking how they got it, how they maintain it, and whether they deserve it.

Honestly, before the fediverse gets better, we need to learn how to talk to each other like fellow human beings.

Until we get that part down, the tech is irrelevant.

People want discourse, but only if it's controlled and calm and nice.

And the think about discourse, the good shit, is that sometimes it's just going to be uncomfortable and tight and hard.

No, I'm not talking about just being cruel and being a jerk.

I'm talking about people who don't know each authentically sharing their ideas to get to a better place. It's just not alway going to be sexy.

And that's ok. That's part of the process.


Juxtapose the fury white folks are throwing at AOC, Ms. Harris, Rep Omar, etc with the millions of dollars they are throwing at the latest round of old white guys that are going to run for POTUS.

Do you see it? Are you paying attention?

Unfortunately, the entire conversation around Sanders resembles most political conversations we have around white personalities in the political sphere.

It's not really about their ideas and policies. It's about how much white people like them. It's about what white people feel about them.

In the States, we don't really vote for good candidates based on their merits. It's literally just a popularity contest.

And yet we keep expecting things to change by doing it over and over and over again.

Personally, I don't like or dislike Sanders. He's pretty standard as far as politicians go and hasn't done anything of note policy wise.

However, what annoys me about him is that white people really believe he's some champion for progress even though there is no evidence to support this idea.

He's just an old white guy that appears to have a bit more common sense than most old white guys.


You know white Bernie Sanderites are going to be even more insufferable this time around.

And that’s why he’s going to lose. Again.

🍩 I'm a crepe 🍩
🍩 I'm a weirdough 🍩
🍩 What the hell am I doughing here? 🍩
🍩 I donut belong here 🍩

who needs dry bowser when u could have 

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