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Wow, this talk is Amazing: "we don't just have to avoid building harmful technology, we have to actively work to build something positive."

"LGBT culture", personal experience with social media 

Gargron/Fediverse hot take (397 words, one swear) 

meta - leaving 

We should be pushing Masto in the direction of organic proliferation, not making it less easy to use to serve the whims of a handful of people.

As Masto grow, we _should_ be making it easier and safer to use.

With all of the brilliant people I've ran into since I've been on the fedi, this is absolutely a realistic possibility.

We just have to change how we think about we each personally interact with social media and how it can used to benefit our communities and not just something to do.

"But Ro, MAGA isn't a racist symbol" 

I mean... the hard truth that no one wants to admit in America is that a lot of people don't mind being exploited for the sake of convenience.

People know how bad Google, FB, Twitter, etc are when it comes to respecting their rights. They don't care. Why? B/c it's easy.

Being more responsible for your online persona means learning more and putting in a bit more effort to stay on top of it.

Most people just don't care.

Google's popularity is reflection of our national attitude towards work

huh I’m actually sweating this fever out. take THAT, panic at the disco

The white supremacist followers of the white supremacist president wore his hat and tried to lynch a black guy in Chicago today but sure, you like Trump because he's been good for the economy.

Whenever someone says "dude" at the end of a sentence, or multiple times in a sentence, I imagine they're a Prinny.

If TERFs think HRT fucks up your body just wait until they hear about puberty

Have we considered guillotining the rich and especially Piers Morgan before we go for blokes building us a good decentralised social networking platform

Selfcare: run "systemctl suspend" from your terminal and go have a nap, it's Saturday yo

You can't be transracial. Race is inherited by your parents, it is forced onto you by the outside world. You can't "identify" with another race because it's external bullshit.

It is NOT like being transgender because you don't inherit your gender from your parents. No one says, "Because your mom is a woman, you are woman." Nah.

Don't devalue trans people and people of color with this.

I'm fine with fantasy racism but set it up like a game mechanic not a reason for me to avoid picking an ancestry in ork or dark elf for social mechanical reasons

re: Ro vs. Masto Drama 

Why would you set up your Nazi instance in a sea of commies :marx_thinking:

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