Since I feel like this will be an ongoing thing now that Tumblr has lost it's "adult content" blogs - this is an adult content blog, but don't expect gifs or pics of people in nsfw capacities.
This is mostly for discussion and a place to be open about who you are, without judgement inherent to other spaces, primarily the physical.

If that's you - welcome! If it's not - that's totally fine, there are plenty of instances to be whoever your best self is. 😀

Are you a kink-minded individual of any orientation? Come sit and stay a while.
A Daddy or Mommy with a little looking for an open and positive space - well, pop a squat!
A sub looking to just be open about it and not have people be thirsty @ you? Well, we do hope you'll find a place to stay with us. :D

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Eventide Parlour

Eventide Parlour is a BDSM, kink-friendly, sex-positive instance.