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Since I feel like this will be an ongoing thing now that Tumblr has lost it's "adult content" blogs - this is an adult content blog, but don't expect gifs or pics of people in nsfw capacities.
This is mostly for discussion and a place to be open about who you are, without judgement inherent to other spaces, primarily the physical.

If that's you - welcome! If it's not - that's totally fine, there are plenty of instances to be whoever your best self is. 😀

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Welcome new folks! I do hope you'll stay a while, and don't forget to introduce yourselves.
That said, I do see a *lot* of blank accounts and that's fine if they're updated however, I will note that blank accounts will be summarily deleted- if you're here be active, we're building a community after all. 😄

country rooooooad🎶 take me hooooome🎶 to a plaaaace🎶 I beloooooong....🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

Don't forget to like comment and subscribe to the idea of YouTube getting in the bin

Nobody is around to update the whiteboard doodles. PowerShell to the rescue.

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I keep muting people using 1337 like it's still the early aughts and that's A Thing.

hot take: while using cws as part of your joke format is ok, i think there's been a bit too much of making a real sounding cw tag but then the content isnt what it says it was, and i dont think thats good or healthy

like please stop doing that shit before everyone decides to take this as a black and white zero tolerance or you're problematic cancelled thing, so we can continue to make jokes with the cw format so long as the cw label part still accurately describes whats inside ok!!!

@garbados cant believe you'd post this photo of me running without asking first

@anna listen im not gay but like i like to think im a little bi? like you know there are some guys you can just tell are atrractive? like I wouldnt sleep with a guy but yknow? like what im saying is im definitely more straight than anything else but i dont want to like.... [ad infinitum]

Goooood morning Eventide and the Fediverse - it's Friday, I hope 😄 everyone has a fantastic day.

I don't mean to romanticize primitivism or say life was better before things like medicine, sanitation or refrigeration. Its just we lost a lot of things that maybe we didn't have to. It could have been better.

@90skid2001 @gargron forget lossless. I want Mastodon to send the actual band to play right here. When appropriate, this should include the laser guy and the smoke machines. Plus any necessary M&Ms of the correct color(s). Is that too much to ask?

Happy Thursday, lovely fediversians.

Hey, never feel bad for taking time for yourself to get it together. The journey to finding your best self is a marathon, not a sprint.

Take advantage of every opportunity to rest, reflect and recharge. Your downtime is just as important as your uptime.

Do what you need to do to keep going and don't feel bad about.

Also, while your moderators try to clean up timelines to be usable, do not hesitate to silence accounts you do not wish to see. This is a powerful and intentional feature of Mastodon to allow you to curate what you want to see and there's no shame in muting things you don't like.

folks i beg of you please tag your nsfw posts as sensitive content and use content warnings (don’t just put nsfw language describing your post in the content warning!)

so here's my pledge to you. i will be a shitposter who will have the back of the sincereposters. i won't horntpost. i won't be someone who divides us or agitates anyone. i won't be out there crosspostin'. talkin the big game without backin it up. but i will send a signal that we're prepared to act in the national security interest of this instance, to get back in the business of creating a peaceful world.

..please boost.

If I was a rich girl I would simply

If I were a rich man, I would simply biddy biddy bum all day

If I were a hanger, I'd simply hold clothing in a closet.

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