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Welcome new folks! I do hope you'll stay a while, and don't forget to introduce yourselves.
That said, I do see a *lot* of blank accounts and that's fine if they're updated however, I will note that blank accounts will be summarily deleted- if you're here be active, we're building a community after all. 😄

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Are you a kink-minded individual of any orientation? Come sit and stay a while.
A Daddy or Mommy with a little looking for an open and positive space - well, pop a squat!
A sub looking to just be open about it and not have people be thirsty @ you? Well, we do hope you'll find a place to stay with us. :D

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Since I feel like this will be an ongoing thing now that Tumblr has lost it's "adult content" blogs - this is an adult content blog, but don't expect gifs or pics of people in nsfw capacities.
This is mostly for discussion and a place to be open about who you are, without judgement inherent to other spaces, primarily the physical.

If that's you - welcome! If it's not - that's totally fine, there are plenty of instances to be whoever your best self is. 😀

The reason tech bro trolling works, even if you are astoundingly egregious about it, is internalized misogynistic presumption of incompetence.

If a guy makes a joke about Linux, open source, whatever, that's really painfully obvious they're pretending to not know what they're on about, they're not likely to get many responses confronting them. Even if they seriously don't they often don't. Someone hyperfeminine? There's no fucking way they could know what they're talking about.

"Don't forget to like and subscribe if you want to summon the Deep Ones from their millennial slumber to feast upon the souls of humanity once more."

I think that the world will be a much better place when folks realize that everything is not meant for them.

Even if the previous iteration was directly aimed at you the new version might not be aimed at attracting your attention.

Movies, music, etc.; it might not be meant for you.

"But I've been a fan since the beginning"

It's not for you.

"But I have everything they did memorized"

It's not for you

"But but..."

*sound of feedback and the whine of electricity as the PA system fires up*

@sophia I love to ensure my privacy by letting Alexa listen to me 24/7

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White offense ≠ Black aggression. Side note, private messages to avoid consequences of public abuse = cowardice and common tactics of abusers and sexual groomers💁🏽‍♀️

@sean it's a social interaction network not social media 🙃

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@SpaceDoctorPhD The gist of your article seems to be a structural criticism of Mastodon as two things simultaneously. Your first criticism is that its base is insufficiently dedicated to engaging with US politics. Your second criticism is that it is insufficiently dedicated to the ideal of hearing out marginalized groups, and its structure defends cliques of people that can be toxic.

Engaging in US politics in the style of Twitter right now is a fool's errand. To be in a constant state of shocked and outraged reaction is to have already lost that battle. It does not improve the conditions of marginalized people to be a perpetual bait-taker.

@SpaceDoctorPhD Many, perhaps even most of us, especially on some of the most active instances, are marginalized people, yourself included. Are you sincerely of the opinion, essentially expressed in your article, that we as a group are insufficiently dedicated to the project of us living to the best of our capacity and working to improve conditions for marginalized people into the future? I believe the response to your article so far has put the lie to that. You tell me, as an online journalist who right now is experiencing a moment of cancellation (and many of us have also been there), do you feel we have given ourselves over to apathy?

@Are0h there’s also nobody to overwhelm with fake reports of your account or posts. i think that’s a bigger deal than most ppl might consciously realize. on facebook and twitter, ppl are still getting suspended left and right if the post something too radical about nazis.

if assholes can’t win the argument, their next move is to abuse the ToS to silence someone. good luck doing that here, buddy!

Myth: enbies are "doing it for attention"

Fact: enbies want to be left the fuck alone

TV show in the form of This Old House, but it's This Old Network and it's about an underpaid contract IT worker who deals with horrifying networks in small businesses all day

The internet is not the domain of white sensibilities. It is not the property of the most awful people humanity has to offer.

It is for all of us. There is space for everyone to have healthy community that actually edifies and brightens our lives rather than make it worse.

Many people who just so happen to be white do not believe that and they specifically target people like me to ruin our experience and sour the well.

But they cannot stop what I'm doing. They can't stop what we are building

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@anna this is the most ignorant, American-centric, chattering class-centric thing I’ve ever seen (or at least since I left Twitter). People on Mastodon aren’t talking about the most pressing issue of the day, which is somehow the US president eating hamburgers, therefore it’s ‘apolitical’

and to fellow marginalized people who maybe actually do feel the sting of some of the things that have happened, please consider that sticking it out, carving your own space out in the fediverse, and getting involved in some way in changing the things you don't like is going to be less dangerous and less taxing than going crawling back to corporate social media, most likely.

there's been a pretty stellar core group of marginalized/queer instance admins popping up in the last 6 months. id love to have more people help us build something better, for us.

You know what this website needs? More performative anger about politicians in place of real action.
If we started up the Discourse about how it's good to cross picket lines, actually, then maybe this website would be full of people yelling at each other instead of fucking inanimate objects. Hmmm? Did you think of that?

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