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Are you a kink-minded individual of any orientation? Come sit and stay a while.
A Daddy or Mommy with a little looking for an open and positive space - well, pop a squat!
A sub looking to just be open about it and not have people be thirsty @ you? Well, we do hope you'll find a place to stay with us. :D

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Since I feel like this will be an ongoing thing now that Tumblr has lost it's "adult content" blogs - this is an adult content blog, but don't expect gifs or pics of people in nsfw capacities.
This is mostly for discussion and a place to be open about who you are, without judgement inherent to other spaces, primarily the physical.

If that's you - welcome! If it's not - that's totally fine, there are plenty of instances to be whoever your best self is. 😀

I feel bad for the inventor of sloppy joes, who was just trying to make regular joes

My ultimate goal is not to be famous or praised or recognized for my work. I really don't care about all that.

My ultimate goal is for people to have a safe and healthy space for people to explore culture and create in a sustainable way that edifies their lives and pushes progress.

I want the result of my work to be a community and space that people enjoy, feel seen and confident in their self-worth and ability to color outside the lines.

That's what my success looks like.

please cite your sources

for images, for stats, whatever.

Do not talk for PR or any other colonized country when you don't have any skin in the game please.

Ro vs. Award Shows 

"hey can you not cc me on this?" I can do my damn job and not be bothered about this while you cc our supervisors on this email like a nitpicky jackass.
Cool? No? Well.

Imperialism is never the answer.

-But what if its fo-


-Okay yeah but in THIS circum-


-So what are-





It's been a reasonably quiet day, hopefully the rest of the week is too. A quiet end to the month isn't a bad thing right?

the "rich people are a marginalized minority" thing is such a weird & desperate propaganda move.... are there any people anywhere dumb enough to take that shit seriously?

Dune is a story about a thirstyboi with an epic wormery

duolingo out there telling me I made a bird sad? Fuck you. Let the fucking bird outside. Don't tell me it gives a shit about my French lessons

good morning, lets finish out the month strong, have a great week!


twf you dont know the language its in very well but a meme speaks to your soul anyway

(thx @FimbulK i think it was u that posted this)

If you notice someone you follow hasn't posted in a while, reach out and let them know they are missed.

Sometimes folks withdraw when depressed. Depressed brains are jerks and will say things like "See, no one even misses you". Your note can help counteract that.

(This assumes that they haven't blocked or soft-blocked you. Worth checking first so you aren't being creepy rather than thoughtful).

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